Is your child scheduled to have a medical procedure and you want to know more about what to expect? Maybe your child is anxious so you’re questioning how best to tell them and what to say/do so they feel confident to cope. Maybe your child has been hospitalised before or been through a traumatic time and is just no longer coping with anything. Creative Coping is here to help!

Parent Consultations

We can talk over the phone or Skype to discover what you and your child are facing, your previous experiences and what your needs are at this point. We will provide you with knowledge, information and an understanding of what your child is about to experience. We will then teach you strategies so that you can prepare your child for their procedure, support them during the process and have techniques to help them process what they have been through. This will enable you to emotionally and physically support your child with confidence turning this potentially scary situation into a positive learning experience.

Child Consultations

We will come to your home and work with your child 1:1. We will use therapeutic play and a variety of other teaching tools to help them understand what to expect, allow them to express their feelings, identify their worries and ultimately develop specific coping strategies so that they can cope with confidence. 

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How we can work with you

Phone Consults

Skype consults

Home visits

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Procedural Support

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Consultations may include:

How we can work with you

  • Phone Consults
  • Skype Consults
  • Home Visits (Auckland Region)
  • Procedural Support (Auckland Region)

Consultations may include:

Procedural Preparation - with parent

As a parent, you may have your own questions or worries about the procedure your child needs and ultimately how best you can support them. We can provide you with knowledge and information about the procedure, so you know what to expect. We will explore ways you can discuss the procedure with your child, work through their worries, develop coping strategies that align with their needs and help you feel confident to support your child throughout their procedure.

A family walking together outside.

Procedural Preparation - with child

An upcoming medical experience can be anxiety-provoking for children and their families. Using therapeutic play, demonstration and developmentally appropriate teaching tools with your child, we are able to explore procedures in simple and non-threatening ways so your child knows what to expect. By doing this we will be able to identify your child’s core anxieties and together can develop and rehearse coping strategies so that they can cope with confidence.

This can help to increase your child’s understanding of the procedure which will help increase their sense of control, confidence and cooperation.

Procedural preparation with a child. Creative Coping.

Procedural Support

Sometimes children and parents need a little extra support. We can accompany you and your child for tests, procedures or doctors/specialist appointments. We will provide gentle guidance throughout the experience, offer emotional support, coping strategies and provide distraction, alternative focus and coaching where needed.

A woman distracts a child from an injection a nurse is giving her.

Therapeutic Play

Creative Coping facilitates the opportunity for therapeutic play. This is supportive of children working through fears and anxieties. Play allows children to express themselves in a way that is familiar to them. Medical play allows children to work out (or “play” out) their feelings or anxieties regarding medical experiences. It also helps children to process and make sense of previous experiences and develop new ways of coping. This can help to desensitise negative experiences and increase confidence in managing future medical procedures.

A boy applies a bandage to an adult's head as part of therapeutic play.

Diagnosis Teaching

Has your child, teen or family member been diagnosed with a life-changing illness or injury? Adjusting to a diagnosis/injury and the treatment plan involved can be scary, stressful and confusing. We can help children better understand their diagnosis, answer questions and clarify misconceptions.

As a result of this diagnosis, your child may need to take medication for a period of time and find this addition to their life challenging. We can work together on strategies to support your child and make these experiences easier for your family.

Diagnosis Teaching. Creative Coping.

Coping Strategies

Learn strategies to use during procedures, treatments or other stress -inducing situations. Comfort positioning, distraction, alternative focus, deep breathing, visualisation and play strategies can all be used to empower children managing pain, stress and anxiety.

Coping Strategies. Creative Coping.

Sibling Support

Siblings have their own worries when a brother or sister is experiencing an illness or injury. Therapeutic play can be beneficial in this situation, helping to explore strategies for them to express themselves, cope and make sense of what is happening around them. Creative Coping can also help you as a parent understand the reactions of your children and provide strategies to help you support them appropriately.

Young siblings cuddling on a seat.

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